Obviously my mindset wasn’t strong enough.

I could have paid attention instead of putting my head down because the material was confusing me. I could have gone to tutoring if I was actually dedicated to fixing and re-learning what I was struggling with. I really could have tried harder. I hate how I always say, “oh, next six weeks/year/semester, I’ll work harder/do better.” And it’s something I never actually go through with. How sad ]: I’ve gotten so lazy. I even felt guilty when I talked to my counselor about dropping the class, and she said, “well maybe this is your best. Sometimes you just have to accept it and give yourself credit.” Because I know that it wasn’t even close to my best. So many times that I’ve put my head down and blocked out the things that the teacher was saying. Probably doing that at least once everyday in that class. Even though this semester is going to be way more difficult than last… this class is going to be top priority, from now on besides my Anatomy & Physiology class. 

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posted on January 17, 2012
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